Tofu Scramble

Tofu is one of those things that most people hate to cook with... It easily crumbles and falls apart when cooking, which is exactly why you don't need to be a tofu expert to make Tofu Scramble! It is so easy to make and it tastes so good - no lie - it actually tastes … Continue reading Tofu Scramble



The perfect thing about a Shakshuka is not only those smoky, tomato flavours combined with gooey baked eggs, but it is also the easiest meal you can throw together with whatever you might happen to have in the fridge and pantry. I normally make this for brunch, but can be just as filling for lunch … Continue reading Shakshuka

Banana and Blueberry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

  A simple, quick and healthy breakfast that's also super filling! I've become slightly obsessed with smoothie bowls recently and love experimenting with different ingredients and toppings. This is my go-to recipe which is easily adapted to whatever you happen to have in your kitchen … You can use different bases such as soya milk, … Continue reading Banana and Blueberry Superfood Smoothie Bowl